The DORA College Program (Depression OutReach Alliance)

CollegeResponse is proud to announce the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has listed the DORA College Program (Depression OutReach Alliance) in Section III of the Best Practices Registry (BPR) for Suicide Prevention.  A panel of suicide prevention experts reviewed the DORA program for accuracy, safety, likelihood of meeting goals and objectives, and adherence to prevention program guidelines.  Practices listed in Section III of the BPR address specific objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.


The DORA College Program (Depression OutReach Alliance) is a peer based mental health wellness and suicide prevention program. The main teaching tool is an educational DVD (recently chosen as a finalist in the 2010 New York Festivals®) that profiles college students who struggled with depression and suicidal ideation and are now in recovery thanks to the support of peers and mental health professionals. Along with these interviews, the DVD also features an acted scenario modeling a successful intervention as well as input from college counselors (watch a preview of the DVD).

The DORA College Program is meant to be administered to small groups of students by peer leader groups working in conjunction with clinical professionals on campus. The program consists of several activities designed to teach students the importance of early intervention and professional help-seeking when it comes to suicide prevention.

The DORA kit is $135 and includes: 1) One implementation guide for peer leaders; 2) 40 individual student workbooks with screening forms; 3) One educational DVD; 4) Access to a Downloads Resource Page with extra materials.

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