CollegeResponse Suicide Prevention Programming

We are excited to launch College SOS, a program designed to teach students to recognize the signs of depression, and suicidality. With this knowledge, students are empowered to intervene when confronted with a friend or peer who is exhibiting these symptoms. This program teaches students that suicide is often a fatal response to a treatable disorder–depression.


The program:

  • Teaches students that suicide is a preventable tragedy that often occurs as a result of an untreated mental illness
  • Strengthens students’ abilities to assess signs of a struggle with depression and/or anxiety in themselves or their friends
  • Identifies at-risk students and refers them to treatment
  • Introduces students to the mental health community, on campus and beyond, and provides them with the tools and understanding needed to access it
  • Encourages students to help their peers who may need support by following ACT: Acknowledge, Care, Treatment
    • Acknowledge – that you are seeing signs of depression or suicidal behavior in a friend and that it’s serious
    • Care – Let your friend know that you care about him or her, and that you are concerned that he or she needs help
    • Treatment – Encourage your friend to seek treatment and let them know about the counseling services that are available

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